Are happy people more resilient? Are resilient people happier? Scientists, psychologists and philosophers are still debating on the correlation between happiness and resilience.

To what extent are they dependent and interdependent? 

Based on my personal life and professional experiences, on my clients’ testimonies, as well as on research; my personal definition of resilience is the: “capability to bounce back, by using one’s resources and learning, as well as growing from one’s experiences.”

Since birth, infants have had a capacity to withhold distressful moments. Throughout the childhood years, the insti...

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Happiness is not a goal. It’s a by-product of a life well lived”. Her statement triggers self-reflection on your journey to happiness, to reach “a life well lived” aka your own work life harmony. The happiness definition we identify with is a scientific one as the “science of subjective wellbeing”. Research conducted at the University of California by Sonja Lyubomirsky reveals that sustainable happiness is determined 10% by your environment and circumstances, 50% by your genes, and 40% by your intentional activities, your life choices and behaviors.

The actions you take make a b...

Unveiling the secret of happiness solely depend on yourself, your determination, resilience and optimism. It is feasible with a daily practice of mindfulness and positivity.

“Life Balance scares me,” said a client in a coaching session. Her facial expressions depicted a look of worry and fear of “the unknown.” When asked to try to define what this “Balance” meant to her, she responded that despite her efforts to understand it and read about it in different sources, she was confused and was afraid to apply it again because it did not work for her in the past. This dialogue with the client raised this concern about the possibility of others having similar issues regarding their work life balance. Therefore, the first thing to investigate further this concern was to conduct a...

Setting limits to discover your new freedom. Great idea but how? And what are the benefits? Learn about the importance of knowing your limits and how it extends your freedom, shifting your mind into a growth mindset.

1.    Having a super reserve = Having the choice. The greater your reserves, the higher in command you are of your life, which means the greater your choices in terms of money, time, life style…and to be aligned with yourself. 2.    Systematic renewal mechanism. Creating a super reserve will improve its renewal systems: as you get closer to your reserve target level, you will already start reaping the benefits of creating reserves. And as you reach your set level, you will systematically install systems to protect and renew your reserves. 3.    You need your super reserves in the 10 domains.

Standing defeat is what will truly allow to reach your own success. You make your own choices in life. When you fall, it is your choice to stay in failure mode as well as your choice to rise again, and again every time you fall. You fall repeatedly nevertheless you must rise repeatedly, until you walk your walk.The power is within you. That hidden flame inside of out for it, feed it with will power, and turn it into the bond fire of success and celebration.

As you move for your international assignment, it is essential to first become culturally aware in order to be productive…and Fast!  Lots of professional expats receive cross-cultural trainings prior to departure and upon arrival, but lots of these trainings and coaching miss out the blind spot for cultural adaptation and adjustment…Cultural Awareness.

Lately, a client who is an entrepreneur, and a mother of 3 beautiful children needed support. She was challenged in her work life balance and her growing stress level was stemming her from focus and productivity. It was affecting both her professional and family life. The feeling of guilt was overwhelming her.  Here are 9 key pointers which helped her and which will surely help you.

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