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What cultural challenges are you facing? How does it make you feel?

How badly is it affecting your performance? 

Do you face challenges with cultural differences?

Do you feel things could be easier only if...?

How is it affecting your professional life? How is it affecting your family life?


For those who interact in a cross cultural environment, undergo expatriation and repatriation, cross-cultural competence is a set of essential skills you need to learn in order to perform, interact, communicate, and live with authentic happiness across cultures.

For those who professionally interact with colleagues, suppliers, partners from different cultural backgrounds and find it challenging.


Based on my research, multicultural background, and being myself an expat, I understand what it entails to work with and integrate into different cultures.

I developed coping mechanisms and resilience tools to overcome these cultural challenges and finally become a multicultural competent person.


The secret?

Acquire cultural intelligence to become culturally competent!

But what does it mean exactly? And how can a coach help?


  • The first step is cultural awareness.

  • I will then guide you through the next step of regulating your emotions in order to gain the skills of cultural competence and cultural intelligence.

  • Your needs, values, socio cultural identity, life balance change and evolve as you go through expatriation. As a coach I will guide you to identify your new self.

  • You will acquire practical cultural learning strategies and tools to successfully interact, communicate and integrate in your professional and personal life.

  • A move is very stressful for all the members of the family. I have the right tools for you to overcome the relocation stress syndrome (RSS).

  • Resilience is key for cultural integration: the key is to identify tools that are likely to work well for you as part of your own personal strategy for fostering resilience.

  • Missing your home abroad is normal…I will help you feel at home in your new home. I have a few tip and tricks in my sleeve!


Acquiring cultural competence is gateway skill to cultural adaptation for you and your family at the personal and professional level.


Get in touch with me for a free consultation. I will be glad to help you!

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