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"Shermeen coached me in performance management and thanks to her deep listening I leveraged new resources and converted my challenge into an opportunity to grow. Her understanding of culture diversity and her availability to empower people were the keys to guide me to find my own solution."

Laure, 35 years old
Sales support Givaudan, Zurich


"Shermeen coached me for expat coaching. I was lucky to be coached by her. We relocated to Geneva and she helped me and my husband overcome the cultural shock. Thanks to her outstanding coaching skills, me and my family adapted to the local culture and she helped us transition smoothly into our new host country. Shermeen is worth every penny! I strongly recommend her."

Mase B.

Expat Spouse settling in Geneva


"Shermeen is highly recommended. The best coach you can have, with empathy, understanding and the right strategic method to help you get where you wanna go."


European Sales & Marketing Manager


"I had the opportunity to be coached by Shermeen, a clever and empathic coach. She started coaching me when I had to make a tough decision regarding my professional life.

She has a great ability to actively listen, to reformulate which gave me a chance to dig well into my problems and move into concrete and effective solutions.

Throughout her active listening and questioning skills, she guided me into making the right decision, and to reach a work life balance.

Thanks to her coaching aptitude, she taught me to priorities my life domains, to identify and work on my needs, to identify my talents and turn them into strengths.

She helped me transition smoothly through this life cycle, and reach my objective successfully.

I am very thankful to her and I recommend her to everyone looking for a great professional coach."

Hind S.

HR Consultant, Société Général


“I was pessimistic at first, but Shermeen’s coaching changed my perception of settling in Geneva. She helped me identify my emotions, overcome the stress and transition into adapting quite well into my new environment. It impacted positively my family and especially my professional life. I am a happier person now thanks to Shermeen."

Patrick S., 30 years old

Financial Analyst and Expat in Geneva


"I was in fear and confused, but after discussing my goal, obstacles and options with Shermeen...she set me in a zone of challenge and helped me reach my objectives, with a clear action plan while keeping me motivated.

I gained my self-confidence back, and I am proud of my achievements.

Thank you for putting me on the right track."

Samantha, 24 years old

Teacher, France


"J'ai eu le plaisir de côtoyer Shermeen pendant nos études de coaching à l'ICI de Genève et de travailler de manière intensive pendant plus d'une année avec elle sur des études de cas. Shermeen est une femme d'affaires active, expérimentée et passionnée. Son énergie est communicative, son écoute rassurante et ses conseils avisés. Je ne peux que la conseiller auprès de ses futurs clients et suis persuadez qu'elle réussira fort bien dans sa nouvelle activité de coach."

Leschot Laurent

Sales Director Central Europe chez Quadriga Worldwide Ltd

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