With the COVID-19 virus spreading, the medical recommendation is social distancing…but is it enough to truly preserve your health… your mental health?

Let’s be realistic, in Switzerland, we have 6 weeks of quarantine, and millions of people are acting strange…so let’s keep calm!

Depending on who we are, we all take this situation differently, it depends on the days, on our inflow of communications, our interactions, of the news…and sometimes fake news….Our days are indeed more stressful, with the daily worries of the virus spreading, for our relatives and friends, the fear of our future, of illness and d...

Are happy people more resilient? Are resilient people happier? Scientists, psychologists and philosophers are still debating on the correlation between happiness and resilience.

To what extent are they dependent and interdependent? 

Based on my personal life and professional experiences, on my clients’ testimonies, as well as on research; my personal definition of resilience is the: “capability to bounce back, by using one’s resources and learning, as well as growing from one’s experiences.”

Since birth, infants have had a capacity to withhold distressful moments. Throughout the childhood years, the insti...

As Darwin says it best, “It’s not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most resilient and responsive to change.”

In a rhythmic life composed of growing demands, instability and pressure, your resilience is needed more than ever. As Darwin said, to survive, you must learn the skill of resilience in order to adapt to constant change and stress.

I personally define resilience as a “capability to bounce back, using your resources, learning, and growing from your experiences”.

In the previous article from the Resilience series “Your First 8 Steps to Build your Resilienc...

Today’s world is marked with rising global instability, misinformation and information overload, fast and furious change, new technologies, collaborations platforms, shorter deadlines and an ever more demanded multitasking ability.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager, a leader, a student, a stay home parent, you are facing long stressful days and challenges.

In today’s world, your adaptation to uncertainty, to change and to ever-increasing demands is vital; that is precisely why your resilience is needed more than ever.

What Defines Resilience?

American Psychology Association defines resilience...

Lets face it. The entrepreneurial journey is a long path paved with stress, uncertainties, victories and failures.

Failure, a word that fills us with the emotions of shame, pessimism, disbelief and discouragement. But what if failure could mean something different? What if we could actually use failure to boost our self-confidence, strengths and success? What if we could change that negative bias into a positive one? Are you ready?

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” Dr. Seuss. Isn’t he right?

Don’t we all have that power within us...

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Happiness is not a goal. It’s a by-product of a life well lived”. Her statement triggers self-reflection on your journey to happiness, to reach “a life well lived” aka your own work life harmony. The happiness definition we identify with is a scientific one as the “science of subjective wellbeing”. Research conducted at the University of California by Sonja Lyubomirsky reveals that sustainable happiness is determined 10% by your environment and circumstances, 50% by your genes, and 40% by your intentional activities, your life choices and behaviors.

The actions you take make a b...

Oh the places you will go! Places, of self-discovery, growth and challenges. The ride is not always smooth, certainly bumpy at times, but at the end of your day, the journey is worth the ride.

Here are 7 tips and trick based on my clients’ and my experience.

1. Surround yourself with positive, aspiring and constructive people

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy drift down the river, as you have to juggle with various challenges, expected and unexpected ones…on your own. I recommend being selective with your surrounding in a healthy “selfish” manner. In order to manage and sustain your positive mental ene...

This is part 2 of the Mindfulness article last published of the series on Work Life Harmony (Being Mindful with Emotional Agility and Resilience). As we discussed the part of what we need to be mindful, this article will focus on how we can become mindful and what kind of training on mindfulness we need to do to master it. A good starting point is to change short and long term habitual patterns and attitudes to be mindful, which can be incorporated in our daily business and life tasks.

Attitudes to cultivate mindfulness:

In today’s busy modern world, mindfulness is cultivated through a mindset, an attitu...

We spend hours being carried away by our thoughts and emotions, exploring, exploiting, confusing and depleting our mind, disposing of the inner self to an autopilot mode…loosing awareness of what our mind is thinking and doing in the present moment. But what if mindfulness could help you capture again that awareness, and gain control over your work life harmony?

First and foremost, what is mindfulness? It’s awareness. It’s about focusing your attention on the now, on your breathing, on your posture, and recognizing your thoughts and emotions internally and externally. Mindfulness allows you to gain self...

In today’s busy life, we all strive to live stress-free with more energy and time to accomplish a lot.  However, let’s face it: who would not want a great balance between work and life, by having an optimal amount of energy for great work, health and wellbeing?  The reality is, most of the ‘time-management’ habits that have been developed in the name of “saving time,” have led us to drain more energy, waste time, and be under loads of stress.  Hence, we feel exhausted, drained, and we lack the right energy to keep on going.  

Energy is the vital resource needed for an effective quali...

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