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Ask Yourself One Simple Question to Boost Your Resilience

As we jump start the Formula 1 race at bursting speed in our daily lives, blistering our wheels at every curve, roaring the engine to stay in pole position, reach the finish line faster smarter and better, our focus is challenged, and our hopes to stand pompously on the podium faded. This thundering racing atmosphere deafens us from reality, and as we lose grip of our speed and action plan, we end up retrograding into fourth or fifth position of this F1 race. The adrenaline propelling us into this fast and furious mode, burns our fuel and scorches our tires, losing sight of our focus, while depleting our energy, and, unfortunately deflating our resilience. The sought-after steps of the podium become a blur vision of sorrow regrets and distress.

It’s time to take a break at the pit stop and inflate your resilience by asking yourself one simple question: “Is this actually impairing or helping me reach my goal?”

Surely in the back of your mind some of you are skeptically saying “yea right!”. Remember that resilience is no rocket science, it is a simple strategy to acquire, a mindset to adopt with a daily mental and health hygiene.

You are your own pilot, controlling the speed and directing the steering wheel; while simultaneously, your mind is focused on your goal which is the podium.

This question applies to any decision you need to take, whether it is a reaction, or an initiative, as long we you keep your end goal in mind.

For example, when deciding to attend a meeting, ask yourself “how is this impairing or helping me reach my goal? Weighing the pros and cons of your meeting, facilitates your decision-making process.

To take this step further write a list with pros and cons. Think short and long term, think of your priorities, of your time effectiveness, of the impact of this meeting on your performance, preparation, knowledge acquisition and so forth…How will it slow or boost your speed to reach the finish line and proudly stand on the podium?

This strategic mindset must become a routine question, and is to be applied on your daily life at work and outside of work, on simple matters such as: should I go for a 30 minutes jog? Should I eat that junk? Should I attend that meeting? Should I be upset or let go? Should I improve my organizational skills? Should I send that response? Should I organize another session? Should I accept this project?

Your daily resilience lies in this daily question “Is this actually impairing or helping me reach my goal?”. It is a daily change to implement, a routine to adopt, which, with mindfulness and practice, will become healthy habit, like a natural reflex.

Now that you are equipped with food for thought…What do you hold? When and how will you apply this learning?

Resilience is a key determinant to your health, wellbeing, performance and life balance. It all starts in your mindset, and your mind is the temple where change takes place.

While you enjoyed the read of this article, feel free to send me your feedback and experience about resilience to

Many more pertinent articles about resilience are available on my blog.

In the meantime, stay safe and tuned for my upcoming articles.

Shermeen Zeidan – Your Resilience Coach

Certified Master Coach


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