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With COVID-19…Why Isn’t Social Distancing Enough? 10 Tips and Tricks to Survive

With the COVID-19 virus spreading, the medical recommendation is social distancing…but is it enough to truly preserve your health… your mental health?

Let’s be realistic, in Switzerland, we have 6 weeks of quarantine, and millions of people are acting strange…so let’s keep calm!

Depending on who we are, we all take this situation differently, it depends on the days, on our inflow of communications, our interactions, of the news…and sometimes fake news….Our days are indeed more stressful, with the daily worries of the virus spreading, for our relatives and friends, the fear of our future, of illness and death, the actual working from home, handling house hold logistics, homeschooling, cohabitating with all your family members 24/7, distractions…and unfortunately our social surrounding bombarding us with their fears and paranoias.

What we need to remember during our quarantine is that stress leads to chronic stress which leads to anxiety, which leads to loss of immunity and other medical illnesses.

Yes, you must preserve yourself and your family from the spread of COVID-19…and as a coach, more than ever, I believe you must preserve your mental sanity vigilantly in order to build your resilience and survive this quarantine.

Here are a 10 quick tips:

  1. Reduce communication or cut off toxic people from your circle: you have enough going.

  2. Focus: switch your phone to silence in order to focus on what’s impactful, important to you, before these tasks become urgent and stressful.

  3. Manage your time: according to the different roles you have in your day, assign time blocks to your journey switching between with high and low concentration tasks.

  4. Reduce your exposure to screen time: assign designated time to check and answer your messages and calls.

  5. Practice breathing exercises and meditate.

  6. Set boundaries to yourself, your kids, spouse and your network: before engaging, ask yourself how does it add/remove value to me and my family.

  7. Go for walks in nature if you can, exercise, eat healthy and sleep early.

  8. Write down three signs of gratitude per day.

  9. Start your day with a positive mindset: a picture, a smile, kind words…

  10. Last but not least, lower your expectations from your surroundings. Everyone has unconscious biases, and in times of panic, people no longer filter them…and things do get ugly…we all saw the supermarket episodes with toilet paper…

Let me know how it helped you…in the meantime, stay mentally safe!

Shermeen Zeidan,

Your Resilience Master Coach

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