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Mastering Resilience: How to Thrive in an Age of Negativity and Stress

In an age of constant interruptions and a deluge of negative news, our resilience is perpetually tested. Our brains are on autopilot, scanning for threats, and our defense mechanisms are always at the ready. This survival mode can drain our mental health and exacerbate stress. What sets successful individuals apart from others? How can people develop the resilience necessary to thrive or survive?

The key to resilience lies in the focus resilient people choose. Resilient individuals are aware of their emotions and reality but choose to concentrate on positive aspects of their life. In positive psychology, this is called "benefit finding," which emphasizes the positive impact of a negative event. Here are some steps to develop resilience:

Firstly, they recognize negative thoughts and immediately reject them to prevent their minds from getting stuck in negative thinking patterns. When we ruminate on negative thoughts, the bigger picture narrows, and our vision becomes darker, making it difficult to see opportunities and possibilities ahead.

Secondly, resilient people shift their attention to inner, outer, and other resources. They intentionally focus on the good things happening in their lives, which forces their minds to shift from unproductive to productive thinking. They ask themselves questions like, "What good things are happening to me?" "Who can be my mentor?" "Who can support me?" "What are my most valuable resources?"

Lastly, they practice building their resilience daily. It's like going to the gym to build muscle mass, where they repeat the same movement with focus and precision. Developing resilience requires intentional, deliberate, and ongoing effort. The more frequently one practices, the faster it becomes a natural reflex, resulting in stronger resilience.

In conclusion, developing resilience is critical in today's world, where negativity and stress can easily dominate our thoughts. By focusing on the positive and building resilience through daily practice, individuals can cultivate the strength needed to navigate life's challenges successfully.

Now that you are equipped with food for thought…What do you hold? When and how willyou apply this learning?

Resilience is a key determinant to your health, wellbeing, performance and life balance. It all starts in your mindset, and your mind is the temple where change takes place.

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In the meantime, stay safe and tuned for my upcoming articles.

Shermeen Zeidan – Your Resilience Coach

Certified Master Coach


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