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#COVID19 #Resilience: 10 Questions to Evaluate your Resilience

After almost 12 weeks of confinement, in Switzerland and France, children are returning to school, while many of you return or will soon return to an office routine. So, before you race full speed into the spiral of your old work life balance, it is time to reflect how did the confinement impact your resilience.

In my two previous articles With COVID-19…Why Isn’t Social Distancing Enough? 10 Tips and Tricks to Survive, and #COVID19 #Resilience: 10 tips to Boost the Essential Emotional Intelligence (EI) Skill You Need, I offered 20 effective tips and tricks to guide you into your self-discovery journey in order to reinforce and build your resilience.

In my personal definition of resilience “the capability to bounce back, using your resources, learning, and growing from your experiences in times of adversity”; the notion of motivation, knowledge and skills, the notion of moving forward, of optimizing, of learning, and changing mindset are its founding pillars. The corona virus, the confinement, the market and job instability, adapting to change and many more constitute adversity we are all facing. The below list of 10 seed questions reflect these different elements to reflect upon and to boost your resilience.

Prior to answering the questions, rate your current level of resilience on a scale of 1-10.

Now answer in full honesty the 10 questions:

1. What will you change in your relationships? And why specifically?

2. How did your time management improve? What techniques were most effective? What benefits did you gain?

3. What did you learn about inner yourself? Your needs, core values, your strengths, weaknesses? Your boundaries?

4. Did your purposes / goals change?

5. What skills did you learn? These can be hard and soft skills.

6. What perspectives of life changed for you? And how precisely will you implement them?

7. How was your energy management (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional)? What precisely do you need to modify in order to improve or sustain it?

8. What proactive steps did you take to improve your adaptability? What more actions could you take?

9. What are the things that made you smile? List them, and keep the list handy, in order to read in a stressful day.

10. Do you have gratitude mindset? Boost your happiness with a gratitude journal by answering: what happened? How did it happen, and to whom do I have gratitude for?

Now that you answered the above questions, rate your level of resilience again and compare it to the earlier rating prior to answering the questions.

What is your take away from the tips and tricks questions? Why is your score different? Which questions impact your resilience level most? What will you keep?

Resilience is a key determinant to your health, wellbeing, performance and life balance. It all starts in your mindset, and your mind is the temple where change takes place.

Let me know how it helped you…in the meantime, stay safe!

Shermeen Zeidan,

Certified Master Coach

Your Resilience Booster

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