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Work life balance for working mums...9 key pointers which will improve your day

Lately, a client who is an entrepreneur, and a mother of 3 beautiful children needed support. She was challenged in her work life balance and her growing stress level was stemming her from focus and productivity. It was affecting both her professional and family life. The feeling of guilt was overwhelming her.

Here are 9 key pointers which helped her and which will surely help you.

1. Anticipate how much time needs to be allocated on your professional tasks

2. Anticipate how much time needs to be allocated on your family tasks

3. Priorities your tasks, Make an action plan, Execute your planned tasks

4. Work on being time efficient and organized during your working hours in order to accomplish your preset tasks. Use time management and mindfulness to focus on your tasks.

5. Use your family time efficiently: prioritized and organize the household logistics in order to spend the desired quality time with your family

6. Delegate and Trust: identify a weakness, and delegate that task (and trust that person's competences) or create workarounds

7. Inspire your children with commitment and accomplishment: if you need to work during family time just explain to your kids that mum committed and therefore needs to honor her commitment by accomplishing her task. Do inform them of the time needed to accomplish your task. And when you finish, inform them you accomplished your task. They do understand and I am certain they will be very proud of you. It is also a great parenting example of commitment and accomplishment.

8. Your spouse and your family: seek for their support and take their recognition

9. Last but not least....Give yourself the credit! The first step for recognition is towards yourself. Start recognizing even the smallest accomplishment. Recognition is key in keeping yourself motivated and with a positive mind.

#Worklife balance, #timemanagement, goal setting, #stressmanagement, #resilience, #procrastination, #prioritization, #mindfulness and many more are the daily challenges for employees and #entrepreneurs.

Start…Take the first step. Take ownership of your own solutions, and you will reach your full potential.

Shermeen Zeidan

For further advice, contact me:

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