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Confort vs challenge ….Is it a zone or a mindset?

It's all about having the right mindset: a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset.

It's up to you to push your boundaries and take the first step into your growth mindset.

And here is the trick to transition into challenge mindset...set a goal.

Here are a few coaching tips and guidelines:

- Have a challenging yet realistic goal

- Measure the performance of your goal

- Identifying your reality? A self-assessment of your situation

- Identifying your resources

- Identifying the most impactful resources

- Identifying your talent and turning your talent into strength

- Identifying your core values and aligning them with your goal

- Identifying your obstacles and their work around

- Exploring your options

- Set up an action plan

- Reaping little victories at every step of your action plan

- Have a positive mindset

- Developing a resilient attitude

- Self-monitoring your performance and mindset

Based in Geneva - Switzerland, International Coaching Solutions offers executive coaching as well as customized workshops.

For further information, feel free to visit my website

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