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Time Management….Yes! But how precisely?

One of the biggest challenges for professionals, whether working in a large organizational structure or in his/her micro business is Time.

Managers and entrepreneurs need a reality check on how they allocate their time, on what type of task they do, and what are the returns of investment of their time.

When you have the feeling your days are getting shorter, and your tasks are weighting heavier on your mind…yes…its time to reflect on the efficient usage of your time.

What are the benefits?

- Reduces Stress: by allocating time on your tasks, you achieve, and when you achieve, you unburden your mind.

- Reduces procrastination: you become highly committed to your tasks.

- Increases your daily motivation: being efficient and stress free is a positive energy booster.

- Boosts creativity: you have an open mind to focus on the creative aspects of your job.

- Increases your performance and achievements.

- Boosts your self-confidence: the feel good feeling of self-achievement.

- Enhances solid decision making with time management, and your motivation.

- Say no to time wasting tasks.

Here are 4 steps to empower you into an efficient time manager and get the career boost you truly deserve.

Step 1:

Ask yourself what is my reality right now?

Analyze how and on what was your time dispatched during your day and your week.

Evaluate the current returns of your time invested.

Identify the reasons for your time waste and low productivity.

What can specifically be improved in order to boost your time management correlation with your performance? Is it meetings attendance? Is it the timing of your meetings? Is it time wasted on not important and not urgent tasks? Is it a lack of prioritization? Is it too many coffee breaks? Is it interruptions from colleagues? Is it the frequency of checking for your mails?

Step 2:

Ask yourself how you can manage your time in order to become more efficient.

Prioritize your tasks with the matrix: urgent – not urgent – important – not important. Don’t forget to allocate time for your productivity.

Delegate time consuming and unimportant tasks when you can.

Plan your time as blocks per level of urgency and importance; and allocate them on your agenda.

Adopt ruthless prioritization techniques:

Switch your mobile to silent and hide it in your drawer to avoid temptation.

Check your mails and answer them at an allocated time of the day.

Make your focus time visible to your colleagues on your agenda so they know when not to interrupt your focus.

Say no to meetings that don’t provide you added value to your performance.

Step 3:

Monitor your performance on time management and your achievements daily and weekly.

Step 4: practice-monitor-evaluate…repetitively…. it will take about 6 months to turn it into a business routine.

Once this habit turns into a second nature…you will truly be empowering yourself to perform at maximum potential.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, International Coaching Solutions provides 1 on1 coaching and workshops.

For further advise, feel free to contact me +41765955560 and visit my website.

I will be glad to hear from you.

Shermeen Zeidan

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