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Do you have a super reserve?

When you start being overwhelmed between your professional and personal life, you gradually feel the heavy burden of your tasks, your professional and personal environment, and with time and lack of self awareness, you turn into a breathless marathon athlete visualizing from a far those already ahead of you. Despite the energy and time invested, the gap is expanding and you visualize yourself giving up, if not collapsing on the asphalt. What led you to this crumbling effect? What can you do to avoid this scenario?

There are many courses of actions…and building a super reserve is one of them.

What is a super reserve? It combines the notion of having more than what you need…and it is not limited to something material, but extends to something that feeds your mind, your soul, your inner peace, and especially, your feeling of security towards life. When you are growing a super reserve, it’s as if you are filling up the shelves of your pantry, the tank of your car...

In what domains do I build a super reserve?

1. Time: aside from resting, you need daily time for yourself only.

2. Space: you need personal space without any pressure, duties, stress and adrenaline…just space to reflect and be within yourself.

3. Money: you need savings, and or solid investments for your present life and your future. Don’t forget it’s a work in progress.

4. Energy: have more than enough energy to enjoy what the day has for you…and that includes having a good night sleep.

5. Opportunities: have opportunities in order to keep faith in your future such as your network.

6. Love: receive recognition, love, and support from those your trust.

7. Information: have access to all the information you need for personal and professional growth.

8. Wisdom: need to have access to a place and or a person where you can grow. It can be spiritual place, a mentor.

9. Within yourself: need to have peaceful relationship within yourself.

10. Integrity: live your life with the highest standard of integrity ensuring you are aligned with your values.

What are the benefits of a super reserve?

Firstly, by providing reassurance to yourself and your surrounding, whether its in your professional or personal life, you will live without fear and worries in your present and future life.

Secondly, replenishing your reserve becomes systematic renewal mechanism; because fewer efforts will be needed to build one.

Thirdly, it will allow you to gain more personal freedom and autonomy as your reach control and command of yourself.

And last, you become attractive to the best! Who doesn’t mind a person with your reserves?

In summary:

1. Having a super reserve = Having the choice.

The greater your reserves, the higher in command you are of your life, which means the greater your choices in terms of money, time, life style…and to be aligned with yourself.

2. Systematic renewal mechanism.

Creating a super reserve will improve its renewal systems: as you get closer to your reserve target level, you will already start reaping the benefits of creating reserves. And as you reach your set level, you will systematically install systems to protect and renew your reserves.

3. You need your super reserves in the 10 domains.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, International Coaching Solutions provides 1 on1 coaching and workshops.

For further advise, feel free to contact me +41765955560 and visit my website.

I will be glad to hear from you.


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